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DP Reels + Work Samples

DP Reels + Work Samples

2023 Cinematography Showreel

2023 Interview + Standup Showreel

2023 Drone Showreel

Prime Thursday Night Football - Griddy Feature

Stand | Official Trailer 🔥 AVAILABLE NOW🔥Showtime Documentary BASKETBALL PRODIGY & PIONEER ACTIVIST

LoveRocks! NYC

NBC News - "A New Generation in Selma"

See a New Orleans Photographer Venture Into the Swamps to Capture a Place That's Still Wild

America's Oldest Black Neighborhood Is Fighting Racist Infrastructure

Bungee Jumping Is the Best Therapy for Some Adventure Seekers

WRSTBND and Ubbi Dubbi

I Got Arrested for ‘Hacking Trump’s Tax Returns’ | Fakes, Frauds & Scammers

It Takes a Killer

"Nobody's Fault But Mine" - Walter Wolfman Washington and The Roadmasters

Oil & Water - Official Trailer [HD]

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