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Editor + Colorist

Editor + Colorist

#FeedTheFrontlines NOLA

Miss Universe - Miss India Feature

See a New Orleans Photographer Venture Into the Swamps to Capture a Place That's Still Wild

LoveRocks! NYC

NOLA Locals - NFTY Tunes

New Orleans Jazz Museum Video Field Trip - Louis Prima

Maui Bee Project

NOLA Locals - City Termite Inspectors

Miss Universe - Miss Curacao Feature

Hancock Whitney Promo

The Original Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

NOLA Locals - St. Claude Bridge Operator

Children's Hospital - Child Life Louisiana

WRSTBND and Ubbi Dubbi

Hancock-Whitney Tower Ribbon Cutting

Coastal Fishing Concepts

Ableton Clinic in Haiti

"Nobody's Fault But Mine" - Walter Wolfman Washington and The Roadmasters

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